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Space, Place, Body and Technology Research Group

The aim of the Space, Place, Body and Technology research group is to research the construction of spaces and places, their mediation by communication technologies and the interaction of human bodies with all three. The group is made up of practitioners in the visual arts (principally film and photography) and theorists of culture. It produces innovative, creative and critical works that cross the theory/practice divide. It also crosses the divide between the humanities and the sciences by considering the inter-relationship between culture and nature, both bodily and environmental.

Research interest areas

Environmental sustainability

The analysis of constructions of the environment, and of humankind’s influence upon the natural world, is a focus of research into space and place. The cultural content and reception of environmental communication is an element of the focus upon national identity and critical audience studies. Current research focuses on energy, water sensitive urban design, rock collecting, as well as landscape and wilderness photography.

Body culture and health communication

The analysis of governmental and media discourse and representations of such conditions as HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C is a focus of research into health communication. The construction of the human body in modern western, traditional Chinese and Australian indigenous cultures is one aspect currently being researched.

Cultural history and critical theory of communication technologies

The analysis of the ‘convergence’ between communication technologies is currently been undertaken drawing on work in cultural studies and history to produce a critical theory of the social functioning of those technologies.

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