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Wednesday, 18 July 2012


'Metallic' presents a group of artists from across Australia who share a preoccupation with the nature and purposes of materials and a concern for questions of transference and attachment. Six artists from Perth whose practices span drawing, spatial installation and sound are situated alongside three counterparts from Sydney. Works have been included because they appear simultaneously persuasive and ‘ordinary’, they work with and against their materials and they effect some kind of energy shift.

The processes of transferring and attaching connect us in incidental and significant ways. One can transfer a file, apply an adhesive or declare an allegiance. They are processes with aesthetic and social connotations that can be even and uninterrupted or spontaneous and contested. Gaps and breaks in transmission are not only assumed but are cultivated by these artists.

'Metallic' seeks to foster greater awareness of ideas and approaches that inform Western Australian practices. It explores this penchant for materials in terms that extend beyond a vernacular 'DIY' aesthetic or the recent trend of accentuating the magical properties of objects. While the exhibition recognises the presence of diffused as opposed to explicit narratives in these artists' work, it also attends to their critical alignments - a process linked to the current re-assertion of the confluence between nature and technology.

'Metallic' runs from Saturday 27 October until Saturday 17 November at Spectrum Project Space.
Opening Night: Friday 26 October, 5.00pm
Artists' Talks: 5.15pm
Opening speeches: 6.30pm
Artists: Ian Andrews (NSW), Tori Benz (WA), Philip Gamblen (WA), Bevan Honey (WA), Shannon Lyons (WA), Jacob Ogden Smith (WA), Layli Rakhsha (WA), Jacqueline Rose (NSW) and Mimi Tong (NSW)
Curated by Jasmin Stephens


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