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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

  • Transience by Jacqui Monks at Spectrum Project Space

    Transience - Jacqui Monks

'Transience' is the first solo exhibition of Western Australian artist Jacqui Monks, and marks the culmination of the creative element of her PhD studies at Edith Cowan University.

Exploring the notion of the interior self as a space of psychological ambiguity, the works in 'Transience' depict ideas of the self as hovering in a perpetual liminal zone between life and death, absence and presence, meaning and non-meaning, real and not real.

It is this suggestion of an uneasy in-betweeness that may lurk within every self that the works aim to whisper to the viewer. Monks’ video-based exhibition uses both floating projections and a bank of screens to immerse the viewer in this ambiguous terrain.

Suspended between what is real and what is not real, the works in Transience investigate the interior self as a condition of perpetual, psychological motion, a shifting state of mutable tensions whose inherent contradictions are at once effaceable and incommensurable.

'Transience' runs from Friday 7 until Saturday 22 of September at Spectrum Project Space.
Opening night: Thursday 6 September, 5.00pm - 8.00pm
Artist talk: Saturday 22 September, 1.00pm


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