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Breathing Space

Breathing Space

Location: 8.123B, ECU Library, ground floor, Mt Lawley

Description: ‘Clean’ wall spaces in the foyer of the library.

Duration of show: 3 weeks (ongoing)

South 1 wall: height 2900mm x width 3130mm
Pillar between Sth 1 and Sth 2 walls: width 500mm
South 2 wall: height 2550mm x width 2110mm
Pillar between windows and west wall 980mm x 900mm
West wall: height 2550mm x width 4000mm

Preferred artforms: 2-D works, 3-D, multi-media, projection and installation

Technical specifications: Power points available and area for projector

Maintenance: The walls need to be kept very clean and walls patched and painted at conclusion of each exhibition

Contact: Lisa Hannaford

Breathing Space is curated by Paul Uhlmann and Andrea Wood

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