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Professor Glen Phillips

Honorary Professor

Contact Information Telephone: (61 8) 9370 6309, Mobile: 0438 083 801, Email:, Campus: Mount Lawley, Room: ML17.231
Staff Member Details
Telephone: (61 8)  9370 6309  
Mobile: 0438 083 801  
Campus: Mount Lawley  
Room: ML17.231  


Staff Qualifications

  • Master of Education, The University of Western Australia, 1999.
  • Bachelor of Education Honours, The University of Western Australia, 1957.

Recent Publications (within the last five years)

Book Chapters

  • Phillips, G., (2014), The novelist as occasional poet: Patrick White and Katharine Susannah Prichard. Patrick White centenary : the legacy of a prodigal son, 196-207, Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom.

Journal Articles

  • Phillips, G., (2011), The Valtellinese Diaspora. Southerly: a review of Australian literature, 71(1), 180-196.

Creative Works

  • Phillips, G., (2014), Green dragon abstract, Just another day, Regarding a heated moment. Creative Connections 2014, Online.
  • Phillips, G., (2014), Winged Seed Songs. Winged Seed Songs: 32 Poems in Musical Forms & Musical Moods , Perth, Western Australia.
  • Phillips, G., Zhulin, H., (2014), The Secret of Love. The Secret of Love , Perth, Western Australia.
  • Phillips, G., (2014), Alpi e Prati: Poems of the Alps and Fields of Italy. Alpi e Prati: Poems of the Alps and Fields of Italy , Perth, Western Australia.
  • Van Son, R., Tognini, R., Phillips, G., (2014), Three in the Campagna: Revisiting the North and South of Italy. Three in the Campagna: Revisiting the North and South of Italy with Rita Tognini and Rose Van Son, Perth, Western Australia.
  • Phillips, G., (2014), Dryandra Dreaming. Dryandra Dreaming: Poems of the Great Southern Western Australia, Perth, Western Australia.
  • Phillips, G., (2013), `Fighting My Way Through Fruit?, `Defiance in Pink?, and `Arterial Dancing?. 2013 Creative Connections Art and Poetry Exhibition, Victoria Park Arts Centre / Belmont Forum.
  • Phillips, G., (2013), `After Chamber Music? and `On the Pieta of Michelangelo?. Voyages: Issue 1, Spring 2013, Florence, Italy.
  • Phillips, G., (2013), Kandimalal: Wolfe Creek Crater Poems. Becoming, Art Gallery of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, China. .
  • Phillips, G., (2013), Etruscanini: Ten Little Poems of Tuscany. Etruscanini: Ten Little Poems of Tuscany, Perth, WA.
  • Phillips, G., (2013), Palma, Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid and Toledo. Una Serie Musicale Espagnola: A Spanish Suite of Poems, Perth, WA.
  • Phillips, G., (2013), Poem for Everywoman. Poetry d?Amour .
  • Phillips, G., (2013), The Rest of My Mind?, `Yenyenning Lakes Evensong 1949? & `China Dream?. Voyages, Issue 2: Summer 2013, Florence, Italy.
  • Phillips, G., (2013), Salt grains, Wheat grains and Woodgrain. Morning Star to Evening Star: a Trio Sonata.
  • Phillips, G., Han, Z., (2013), Poems of Australia and China. Heilongjiang Summers: New Poems, a Bilingual Collection, Perth, WA.
  • Phillips, G., (2013), A Suite of Rooms II. A Suite of Rooms II, Perth, Western Australia.
  • Phillips, G., (2013), Nothing Multiplied by Everything Equals Nothing, The Five Pen Fairy and The Ice Maiden. When the moon is swimming naked: Australasian poetry for the Chinese youngster, Macau.
  • Phillips, G., (2013), A Suite of Rooms. A Suite of Rooms: Eighteen Home Poems, Perth, WA.
  • Phillips, G., Han, Z., (2013), Gold in Granite: Life and Thought of an Australian Poet. Gold in Granite: Life and Thought of an Australian Poet, Harbin, North China.
  • Phillips, G., Hongbo, D., (2012), The Woman River: a Chapbook. The Woman River: Poems of Australia and China, Mt. Lawley, W.A..
  • Phillips, G., (2012), Six Seasons: Australian and Chinese Poetry. Six Seasons: Australian and Chinese Poetry , Perth, W.A..
  • Phillips, G., (2012), Fourteen Tankas for Salt Lake Country. Sense, Shape Symbol: an Investigation of Australian Poetry, Putney, NSW.
  • Phillips, G., (2012), Raging in the Woods. Landscapes, Volume 5, Number 1, Perth, W.A..
  • Phillips, G., (2012), Why do birds fly into windows?. Landscapes Volume 5 No. 1 Article 21, Perth, W.A..
  • Phillips, G., (2012), Abstract Buddha, Big Top in Town and Bright Trail of Beauty. 2012 Creative Connections Art and Poetry Anthology, Kewdale, W.A..
  • Phillips, G., (2012), Was death too good for me?. Cordite Poetry Review, Online.
  • Phillips, G., (2011), Dugite country. As is painting, so is poetry: Serpents among the wildflowers, Lawrence Wilson Gallery, University of Western Australia.
  • Phillips, G., (2011), A show of colours: poems of the Yilgarn. A show of colours : poems of the Yilgarn : fourteen stations to Southern Cross and other poems / by Glen Phillips, Mt Lawley, Western Australia.
  • Phillips, G., (2011), Still life. 2011 Creative Connections Art and Poetry , Online.
  • Phillips, G., (2011), Music in a cafe. 2011 Creative Connections Art and Poetry , Perth, Western Australia.
  • Phillips, G., (2011), Strewn carnations. 2011 Creative Connections Art and Poetry , Perth, Western Australia.
  • Phillips, G., (2011), Jump to it. Creatrix Online Poetry and Haiku Journal, Perth, Western Australia.
  • Phillips, G., (2011), Pearls that were his eyes. Landscapes Journal Volume 4 Issue 2 p.135, Perth, Western Australia.
  • Phillips, G., (2011), Dawdling to death, Oh No!. Prosopisia Volume IV Number 2, Ajmer, India.
  • Phillips, G., (2011), This charming archaeologist with her spade another visit to the ruins. Truck, Online.
  • Phillips, G., (2011), International regionalism in the age of globalisation: a revaluation of the poetry of John Kinsella. Vanishing Borders in the Age of Globalism: Austral-Asian Perspectives, Hyderabad, India.
  • Phillips, G., (2011), An Australian approach and toolbox. Historical fiction writing- a practical guide and tool-kit, UK.
  • Phillips, G., (2010), Granite Roads. Perth/ Orient Weekly newspaper, Perth/ Orient Weekly newspaper.
  • Phillips, G., (2010), News of Travellers. Perth/ Orient Weekly newspaper, Perth/ Orient Weekly newspaper.
  • Phillips, G., (2010), Strokes Eternally. Perth/ Orient Weekly newspaper, Perth, WA.
  • Phillips, G., (2010), Omens. Perth/ Orient Weekly newspaper, Perth/ Orient Weekly newspaper.
  • Phillips, G., (2010), The Wall. Perth/ Orient Weekly newspaper, Perth/ Orient Weekly newspaper.
  • Phillips, G., (2013), Wo Ai Ni. Poetry d?Amour St Valentine?s Day Poetry Reading, Japanese Garden, South Perth.

Research Student Supervision

Associate Supervisor

  • Doctor of Philosophy,  Stage Management: A Question Of Approach In Intercultural Theatre
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