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Mr Gregory Pryor

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Digital Marketing Team

Staff Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Art, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology .
  • Graduate Diploma, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology .

Recent Publications (within the last five years)

Creative Works

  • Pryor, G., (2014), Pinjarra 1834 (type specimen). of spears and pruning hooks II, Spectrum Project Space.
  • Pryor, G., (2014), Elijah and the Silence. The 2014 Mandorla Art Award, Linton and Kay Gallery, Perth and New Norcia Monastery.
  • Pryor, G., (2014), Nanuk 2. Canopy, Mundaring Arts Centre.
  • Pryor, G., (2014), Taking Fire (Conflagration). Panorama, Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery.
  • Pryor, G., (2013), Holly Story - Look Both Ways. Artlink, Volume 33, No. 1, Adelaide.
  • Pryor, G., (2012), The world's contracted thus - exhibition catalogue essay. Big Scope: Painting and Place, Lake Macquarie NSW.
  • Pryor, G., (2012), Apollonia. The Conservatorium. Fringe World 2012, Paper Mountain Gallery.
  • Pryor, G., (2012), Nanuk 1. EST, Mundaring Arts Centre.
  • Pryor, G., (2012), Swan Water. Contemporary Art with Pith Paper in the Revival Project Exhibition, National Museum of Natural Science and Botanic Garden, Taichung, Taiwan.
  • Pryor, G., (2012), Socially Engaged Fifo Art?. Artlink, Volume 32, No 1, Adelaide.
  • Pryor, G., (2011), Perth. City of Perth 2011 Artwork Commission Exhibition, Council House, Perth.
  • Pryor, G., Aloi, G., (2011), Gregory Pryor: Post Colonial Botany. Antennae - The Journal of Nature in Visual Culture, London (online journal).
  • Pryor, G., (2011), Beyond Sparrows. Remix - WA Contemporary Art, Perth.
  • Pryor, G., (2010), Vapour Trails. Gregory Pryor: Vapour Trails, Australian Embassy, Washington DC, USA.
  • Pryor, G., (2010), Grevillea Nematophylla (Pillow of Wind). Wallpaper, Gallery Central Perth.
  • Pryor, G., (2010), Hungry Ghost of the West. Constellations: A large number of small drawings, RMIT Gallery, Melbourne.
  • Pryor, G., (2010), Blattgasse Botanik and Iron Ball Taxonomy 2. Gregory Pryor : Botanik, Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery.
  • Pryor, G., (2010), In Darkness Let Me Dwell and Golgotha comes to Mind. Subterranea, Mundaring Arts Centre.
  • Pryor, G., (2010), The White and Black of Things (My back garden does not fit). Mine Own Executioner 2010, Mundaring Arts Centre.
  • Pryor, G., (2014), Lacunae., Lister Gallery Perth.
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