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Mr Maxwell Pam


Contact Information Telephone: (61 8) 9370 6218, Email:, Campus: Mount Lawley, Room: ML6.216
Staff Member Details
Telephone: (61 8)  9370 6218  
Campus: Mount Lawley  
Room: ML6.216  


Staff Qualifications

  • Master of Arts, Curtin University of Technology, 1996 .
  • Post Grad Diploma, The University of New South Wales, 1986 .

Recent Publications (within the last five years)

Creative Works

  • Pam, M., (2012), Max Pam 1971-2011, Meyer Gallery Exhibition. Max Pam, Meyer Gallery, NSW.
  • Pam, M., (2012), Max Pam: The Atlas Monographs. Athens Photo Festival - Max Pam, The Technopolis of the City of Athens.
  • Pam, M., Charles, B., (2012), Narcolepsy..
  • Pam, M., (2012), 1986. F de C De Rigueur Reader 2012-1, Tokyo.
  • Pam, M., (2012), Art/Text/Clearinghouse Project. Collective, the WA Photographic Book Survey and the Art/Text/ Clearinghouse Project., Perth Centre for Photography.
  • Pam, M., (2012), 1986., F de C de Rigeuer Reader 2012-1.
  • Pam, M., Charles, B., (2012), Narcolepsy: Max Pam and Bob Charles. Narcolepsy ISBN 9780987305008 , Book.
  • Pam, M., (2012), Burma. Burma 1973, 1975, 1994 ISBN 978 2 953720495, Book.
  • Pam, M., Muecke, S., (2012), Contingency in Madagascar. Contingency in Madagascar ISBN 9781841504742, Book.
  • Pam, M., (2012), 10x100, 10 Australian Photographers. 10x100 10 Australian Photographers, Prison Gallery, Fremantle/ACP Sydney/QCP Brisbane.
  • Pam, M., (2012), Narcolepsy (Exhibition). Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art, Art Gallery of South Australia.
  • Pam, M., (2012), Asiatic Iconic Decalogue. Art Gallery of Western Australia Collection, Art Gallery of Western Australia.
  • Pam, M., (2011), Max Pam - CONFIN DEL MUNDO. Max Pam - CONFIN DEL MUNDO, Parque Cultural, Valparaiso, Chile.
  • Pam, M., (2011), Metropolis. Metropolis: City Life in the Urban Age, Groningen, Holland.
  • Pam, M., (2011), Fremantle Art Collection Exhibition. Fremantle Art Collection, Fremantle Arts Centre.
  • Pam, M., (2011), Five Postcards. Bowness Photo Prize, Monash Gallery of Art (MGA).
  • Pam, M., (2011), ecrit c'est vu. ecrit ces't vu, Gallery In Extremis, Strasbourg France.
  • Pam, M., (2011), Milan Art Image. max pam photographs, Milan PIU Superstudio, Italy.
  • Pam, M., (2011), 2snakestudio Opening Exhibition. 2snakestudio, 2snakestudio, Bangkok.
  • Pam, M., (2011), Ramadan in Yemen. Ramadan In Yemen, 1(1), 94, Paris, France.
  • Pam, M., (2011), Watu. Watu, Atocha, Madrid.
  • Pam, M., (2010), Journals - private lives in public realms. Foto Freo 2010, Theatrette, West Australian Museum - Maritime, Fremantle.
  • Pam, M., (2010), objects V artefacts. Bureau of Ideas - Illusion and disillusion -Debate, Rosie O'Gradys Hotel.
  • Pam, M., (2010), Merc-Mike. Reportage Photo Festival 2010, National Art School, Sydney.
  • Pam, M., (2010), ISCP Photographs. Max Pam, International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP), New York.
  • Pam, M., (2010), Perth Cityscapes. City of Perth Commission, Council House.
  • Pam, M., (2010), Beyond Photojournalism: Personal Documentary Approaches of the 1970's. Candid Camera: Australian photography 1950s-1970s, Art Gallery of South Australia.
  • Pam, M., (2010), Dodgy 3 photographs. Dodgy 3: Veneration, sublimation and the female body, Plastic Factory.
  • Pam, M., (2010), La splendour du vrai. La splendour du vrai, In Extremis Gallery.
  • Pam, M., (2009), Ladakh. Conversations: 100 artists in the UWA Art Collection , Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery.
  • Pam, M., (2009), Rick. Kiss my camera: a showcase of Western Australia's musical moments, W.A. Museum.
  • Pam, M., (2009), Australia, Queensland Road and Water tank for lovers, New South Wales. Wonderlust State Art Collection, Art Gallery of W.A..
  • Pam, M., (2009), Self portrait. Exhibition de l'air, International Photo Salon, Paris.
  • Pam, M., (2009), Indian works. Dissimulacre, In Extremis Gallery, Strasbourg.
  • Pam, M., (2009), Map and drawings. Summer, Goddard Defiddes Gallery Perth.
  • Pam, M., (2009), Mercedes. Ex nugis seria d'Afrique et d'ailleurs, Maison d'Art Paris.
  • Pam, M., (2009), objects. Without Sun Journal No. 1 Launch, Pop Up Gallery, Oslo.
  • Pam, M., (2009), Beaconsfield, 2001. Transient States : Western Australian photography, Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery.
  • Pam, M., (2009), Journeys north. 150 years of photography, Queensland Art Gallery.
  • Pam, M., (2009), Inca corpse. Thing, Art Gallery of W.A..
  • Pam, M., (2009), Himalayan works. Long Distance Vision: three Australian photographers, National Gallery of Victoria.
  • Pam, M., (2009), Max Pam travel journals. 10th Biennale du Carnet de Voyage, Clermont-Ferrand, France.
  • Pam, M., (2009), Atlas monographs. Atlas monographs, Australia.
  • Pam, M., (2009), Supertourist: Fall of Rome and Drug of the Week. European Photography Art Magazine v 30 n 85 / 86 2009, Gottingen, Germany.
  • Pam, M., (2009), Text and image. Conversations: 100 artists in the UWA art collection., Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery.
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