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Dr Debbie Rodan

Senior Lecturer

Contact Information Telephone: (61 8) 9370 6415, Email:, Campus: Mount Lawley, Room: ML3.224
Staff Member Details
Telephone: (61 8)  9370 6415  
Facsimile: (61 8)  9370 6668  
Campus: Mount Lawley  
Room: ML3.224  


Awards and Recognition

National and International Research Positions

  • Appointed as an Assessor for the Australian Research Counci

Research Areas and Interests

  • Political blogging
  • Popular media identifications
  • Online identity
  • Media Activist Forums

Staff Qualifications

  • PhD, Murdoch University, 2000 .


Recent Research Grants

  • Construction of the subject as heart patient in the context of the gift economy,  Australian Research Council,  Grant - Linkage (APAI),  2007 - 2010,  $278,768.

Recent Publications (within the last five years)


  • Rodan, D., Ellis, K., Lebeck, P., (2014), Disability, Obesity and Ageing: Popular Media Identifications. The Cultural Politics of Media and Popular Culture, 168, Farnham Surrey.

Book Chapters

  • Rodan, D., Uridge, L., Green, L., (2012), Negotiating a new identity online and off-line: The HeartNET experience. New Media and Intercultural Communication: Identity, Community and Politics, 13(19), 139-154, New York.
  • Mummery, J., Rodan, D., (2011), Chewing the Communal Cud: Community Deliberation in Broadsheet Letters and Political Blogs. Technologies for Supporting Reasoning Communities and Collaborative Decision Making: Cooperative Approaches, 296-318, Hershey PA USA.
  • Rodan, D., Balnaves, M., (2009), Democracy to Come: Active Forums as Indicator Suites for e-Participation and e-Governance. Electronic Participation, LNCS5694(16), 175-185, Berlin .

Journal Articles

  • Mummery, J., Rodan, D., (2013), The role of blogging in public deliberation and democracy. Discourse Context & Media, 2(1), 22-39, DOI:
  • Rodan, D., Balnaves, M., (2010), Media activist websites: the nature of e-participation spaces. Australian Journalism Review, 32(1), 27-39, Adeliade, South Australia.
  • Rodan, D., (2009), Large, sleek, slim, stylish flat screens: Privatized space and the televisual experience. Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies, 23(3), 367-382, London.

Conference Publications

  • Rodan, D., Mummery, J., (2014), Platforms and Activism: Sharing 'My Make it Possible Story' Narratives. Refereed Proceedings of the Australian and New Zealand Communication Association Conference: The digital and the social: communication for inclusion and exchange, 1-22,
  • Mummery, J., Rodan, D., Ironside, K., Nolton, M., (2014), Mediating Legal Reform: Animal Law, Livestock Welfare and Public Pressure. Refereed Proceedings of the Australian and New Zealand Communication Association Conference: The digital and the social: communication for inclusion and exchange, 1-16,
  • Uridge, L., Green, L., Rodan, D., Cullen, T., (2014), A vulnerable community of heart patients re/constructs media stories about cardiovascular disease. Refereed Proceedings of the 2014 ANZCA Conference: The digital and the social: communication for inclusion and exchange,
  • Uridge, LK., Rodan, D., Green, L., (2012), A moderator's dilemma: Munchausen syndrome by internet. Refereed Proceedings of the Australian and New Zealand Communication Assocation Conference: Communicating Change and Changing Communication in the 21st Century, 11.
  • Rodan, D., (2010), Remaking the obese 'self' in The biggest loser: Couples (Australia). Media, Democracy and Change: Refereed Proceedings of the Australian and New Zealand Communication Association Conference 2010, 17p., Canberra.
  • Rodan, D., (2010), Tactics for mobilising participation and action: GetUp! a case study of communicative spaces. Record of Communications Policy & Research Forum 2010, 29-40, Sydney NSW.
  • Rodan, D., Uridge, LK., Green, L., (2010), Using nicknames, psuedonyms and avatars on HeartNET: A snapshot of an online health support community. Media Democracy and Change: Refereed Proceedings of the Australian and New Zealand Communications Association Annual Conference, 16p.,
  • Uridge, LK., Rodan, D., Green, L., (2010), Negotiating conflict and negativity in an online community for recovering heart patients. Cultural attitudes towards technology and communication. Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on cultural attitudes towards technology and communication, 231-246,
  • Uridge, L., Green, L., Rodan, D., (2009), Enhancing wellness: HeartNET an online interactive community supporting people with cardiovascular disease. 2008 Vario Health Conference Physical and Mental Wellness Integrative Approaches to Health Conference Proceedings, 145-150, Joondalup, Western Australia.

Research Student Supervision

Principal Supervisor

  • Doctor of Philosophy,  The Rise Of Regionalisation In The Asian Television Industry: A Case Study Of Trendy Drama 2000-2012.
  • Master of Communications,  Australia, March 2003: The Print Media, Democracy And The Decision To Invade Iraq..

Associate Supervisor

  • Master of Communications by Research,  The Australian Football League And The Closet.
  • Doctor of Philosophy,  Women's Magazine Editors: Our Story Tellers And Their Cultural Roles. .
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