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Mr Jeff Corkill


Contact Information Telephone: (61 8) 6304 5544, Email:, Campus: Joondalup, Room: JO18.247
Staff Member Details
Telephone: (61 8)  6304 5544  
Campus: Joondalup  
Room: JO18.247  


Jeff is a Lecturer in the School of Computer and Security Science and a member of the ECU Security Research Institute.

Current Teaching

  • SCY1117 - Intelligence foundations
  • SCY2120 - Applied intelligence
  • SCY3107 - Intelligence analysis
  • SCY3506 - Counter intelligence
  • SCY5204 - Current issues in security
  • CSI5120 - Contemporary intelligence


Jeff served in the Australian Army for 20 years. A graduate of the Royal Military College he served as an officer in the Australian Intelligence Corps. His post military career has included appointments in security management and security & intelligence consulting both in Australia and overseas.

Professional Associations

  • Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers (AIPIO) WA representative
  • International Association for Intelligence Education (IAFIE) Member
  • International Studies Association (ISA) Member

Research Areas and Interests

  • Intelligence analysis, information and source evaluation, the intelligence, security and risk intersection, and CCTV human factors
  • Professional Intelligence Judgement Artistry, and resilience and security vetting

Staff Qualifications

  • Master of Professional Studies, University of Southern Queensland, 2007 .
  • Graduate Diploma, Other WA higher ed institution, 1996 .
  • Diploma, Other WA higher ed institution, 1996 .
  • Certificate, Other WA higher ed institution, 1993 .
  • Associate Diploma, Other WA higher ed institution, 1993 .

Recent Publications (within the last five years)

Book Chapters

  • Brooks, D., Corkill, J., (2014), Corporate security and the stratum of security management. Corporate Security in the 21st Century: Theory and Practice in International Perspective, 216-234, Basingstoke, UK.
  • Corkill, J., (2013), Open-Source Intelligence. Intelligence and Private Investigation: Developing Sophisticated Methods for Conducting Inquiries, 45-58, Springfield IL..

Journal Articles

  • Corkill, J., Davies, A., (2013), The contemporary Australian intelligence domain. The AIPIO Journal, 21(2), 37-53, Deakin West, ACT.
  • Corkill, J., (2011), Not art, not science, but artistry: Why Professional Artistry should matter to the intelligence community. The Journal of the Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers, 19(1), 3-12, Canberra.

Conference Publications

  • Davies, A., Corkill, J., (2013), The contemporary Australian intelligence domain: A multi dimension examination. The Proceedings of 6th Australian Security and Intelligence Conference, 9-17, Perth WA.
  • Corkill, J., Coole, M., (2013), Security, control and deviance: Mapping the security domain and why it matters. Changing the way we think about change: Shifting boundaries, changing lives, 142-149, Hobart, Tasmania.
  • Moss, S., Corkill, J., Gringart, E., (2013), An exploratory study of the lived experience of being an intelligence analyst. The Procecedings of the 6th Australian Security and Intelligence Conference, 40-47, Perth WA.
  • Corkill, J., (2012), Resilience indicators as an aid to personnel vetting: A propositional study. Defence Human Sciences Symposium, Pushing the Boundaries of Human and Organisational Performance, n/a, Mawson Lakes, South Australia.
  • Coole, M., Corkill, J., Woodward, A., (2012), Defence in depth, protection in depth and security in depth: A comparative analysis towards a common usage language. The Proceedings of the 5th Australian Security and Intelligence Conference, 27-35, Perth, Western Australia.
  • Joseph, J., Corkill, J., (2011), Information evaluation: How one group of intelligence analysts go about the task. Proceedings of the 4th Australian Security and Intelligence Conference, 97-103, Perth.
  • Brooks, D., Corkill, J., Pooley, JA., Cohen, L., Ferguson, C., Harms, C., (2010), National security: A propositional study to develop resilience indicators as an aid to personnel vetting. Proceedings of the 3rd Australian Security and Intelligence Conference, 35-43, Perth.
  • Griffiths, M., Brooks, D., Corkill, J., (2010), Defining the security professional: Definition through a body of knowledge. Proceedings of the 3rd Australian Security and Intelligence Conference, 44-52, Perth.
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