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Dr Mike Johnstone

Senior Lecturer

Contact Information Telephone: (61 8) 9370 6615, Email:, Campus: Joondalup, Room: JO2.337
Staff Member Details
Telephone: (61 8)  9370 6615  
Facsimile: (61 8)  9370 6100  
Campus: Joondalup  
Room: JO2.337  


Mike is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Computer and Security Science and a member of the ECU Security Research Institute.

Staff Qualifications

  • Master of Science, Curtin University of Technology .
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Curtin University of Technology .
  • Post Grad Diploma, Curtin University of Technology .
  • Bachelor of Applied Science, Western Australian Institute of Technology .


Recent Research Grants

  • Authentication and Authorisation for Entrusted Unions (AU2EU),  European Commission,  Grant - Seventh Framework Programme (FP7),  2013 - 2015,  $584,907.

Recent Publications (within the last five years)

Journal Articles

  • Ahmad, P., Brogan, M., Johnstone, M., (2014), The E-book Power User in Academic and Research Libraries: Deep Log Analysis and User Customisation. Australian Academic and Research Libraries, 45(1), 35-47, DOI: 10.1080/00048623.2014.885374.
  • Johnstone, M., (2013), Embedding Secure Programming in the Curriculum: Some Lessons Learned. International Journal of Engineering and Technology, 5(2), 287-290, Singapore, DOI: 10.7763/IJET.2013.V5.560.
  • Johnstone, M., Jarvis, J., (2012), On the Effectiveness of Intrusions into ZigBee-based Wireless Sensor Networks. Journal of Network Forensics, 4(1), 27-39, Perth, Australia.

Conference Publications

  • Valli, C., Woodward, A., Hannay, P., Johnstone, M., (2014), Why penetration testing is a limited use choice for sound cyber security practice. Proceedings of the 2014 ADFSL Conference on Digital Forensics, Security and Law, 35-40, Virginia, USA.
  • Crowley, M., Johnstone, M., (2014), I remember Richelieu: Is anything secure anymore?. The Proceedings of 7th Australian Security and Intelligence Conference, 27 - 32, Perth, W.A..
  • Valli, C., Martinus, I., Johnstone, M., (2014), Small to Medium Enterprise Cyber Security Awareness: An Initial Survey of Western Australian Business. Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Security and Management, 71-75.
  • Ayed, DF., Camenisch, J., Ignatenko, T., Johnstone, M., Koster, P., Lange, B., Petkovic, M., Sommer, D., Zic, J., (2014), Authentication and authorisation in entrusted unions. Proc. 12th Australian Information Security Management Conference, 56-63, Perth, W.A..
  • Peacock, M., Johnstone, M., (2014), An analysis of security issues in building automation systems.  The Proceedings of 12th Australian Information Security Management Conference, 100-104, Perth, W.A..
  • Hannay, P., Carpene, C., Valli, C., Woodward, A., Johnstone, M., (2013), Exchanging Demands: Weaknesses in SSL Implementations for Mobile Platforms. Proceedings of the 11th Australian Information Security Management Conference, 42-48, Perth, Western Australia.
  • Peacock, M., Johnstone, M., (2013), Towards detection and control of civilian unmanned aerial vehicles. The Proceedings of 14th Australian Information Warfare Conference, 9-15, Perth.
  • Thompson, R., Johnstone, M., (2013), Security aspects of military sensor-based defence systems. 2013 IEEE International Conference on Trust, Security and Privacy in Computing and Communication Systems, 302 - 309 , Melbourne, Australia, DOI: 10.1109/TrustCom.2013.277.
  • Johnstone, M., Woodward, A., (2013), Automated Detection of Vehicles with Machine Learning. Proceedings of the 11th Australian Information Security Management Conference, 102-112, Perth, Western Australia.
  • Johnstone, M., Woodward, A., (2012), Towards Effective Algorithms for Intelligent Defense Systems. Cyberspace Safety and Security: The 4th International Symposium on Cyberspace Safety and Security (CSS 2012), 498-508, Heidelberg, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-35362-8.
  • Johnstone, M., (2012), Cloud security: A case study in telemedicine. The Proceedings of the 1st Australian eHealth Informatics and Security Conference, 42-48, Perth, Western Australia.
  • Johnstone, M., (2011), Penetration of Zigbee-Based Wireless Sensor Networks. Proceedings of The 12th Australian Information Warfare and Security Conference, 17-27, Perth, Western Australia.
  • Johnstone, M., (2011), Security Aspects of Sensor-based Defence Systems. Proceedings of the 9th Australian Information Security Management Conference, 148-154, Perth, Western Australia.
  • Johnstone, M., (2011), Modelling Misuse Cases as a Means of Capturing Security Requirements. Proceedings of the 9th Australian Information Security Management Conference, 140-147, Perth, Western Australia.
  • Johnstone, M., (2010), Threat modelling with Stride and UML. Proceedings of the 8th Australian Information Security Management Conference, 18-27, Perth, Western Australia.
  • Campbell, V., Johnstone, M., (2010), The significance of learning style with respect to achievement in first year programming students. Proceedings of the 21st Australian Software Engineering Conference ASWEC 2010, 165-170, Piscataway, N.J., DOI: 10.1109/ASWEC.2010.33.

Research Student Supervision

Principal Supervisor

  • Doctor of Philosophy,  A Model For Systematically Investigating Relationships Between Variables That Affect The Performance Of Novice Programmers..

Co-principal Supervisor

  • Doctor of Philosophy,  Human Factors And Cultural Influences In Implementing Agile Philosophy And Agility In Global Software Development..
  • Doctor of Philosophy,  E-book Adoption In Academic And Research Libraries.
  • Doctor of Philosophy,  Pictures In Words: Indexing, Folksonomy And Representation Of Subject Content In Historic Photographs..

Associate Supervisor

  • Doctor of Philosophy,  Mining Climate Data For Shire Level Wheat Yield Predictions In Western Australia.
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