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Network Teach

Network Teach is a student led organisation that works in close collaboration with academics from the School of Education. We are a dedicated education community providing peer support services to all undergraduate and postgraduate trainee teachers during their tertiary studies.

Operating on all three campus sites, we are recognised as the leading and largest organisation in Australia to support aspiring teachers.

Our Mission is to:

  • equip aspiring teachers with the necessary resources, experience and skills to achieve personal excellence;
  • promote the very best in teacher education quality, standards and delivery; and
  • develop and refine prospective educators to innovate, inspire and assist others to reach their potential.

What we do:

Network Teach provides an extensive range of extra-curricular and professional development opportunities which are provided exclusively to ECU education students. These experiences compliment ECU studies and serve to enhance the employability of students in preparation for entry into the teaching profession.

Some of the 200 annual events and activities we provide include:

  • a large education conference which brings together some of the states leading academics and experts within their given fields;
  • Australia's most comprehensive range of free professional development for aspiring teachers;
  • connections to invaluable educational experiences and job opportunities;
  • opportunities for leadership, with a diverse range of events and experiences hosted throughout the year;
  • facilitating all orientation, teacher education evening and open day events;
  • providing a number of social events throughout the year to promote collegiality and networking amongst trainee teachers. e.g annual balls, quiz nights and networking evenings;
  • a partnership with W.A's largest in school, mentoring program which supports students from low socio economic areas (ECU Mates); and
  • an extensive range of revision study groups for all units with examinations.

For more information please visit the Network Teach website or email us at during the school year.

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