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Nanotechnology online game

Secondary students in developed countries have low levels of interest in science; yet nanotechnology is becoming a major aspect of developed countries economies. In this research project science educators and computer game designers will develop and evaluate a concept design for an online nanotechnology game. Secondary school students ‘playing’ the game would become nanotechnologists who critically engage with science content and inquiry skills needed to solve problems and make informed decisions. This research will identify design principles required to develop an engaging educational game that provides opportunities for students to consider themselves as scientist. Research with a section of playable game will investigate the strategies impact on students’ engagement with science and these findings will inform the further development of the game.

This study is supported by an ECU-Industry Collaborative grant in 2012 with the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research (DIISR) being the industry partner. The project is hosted by CSaLT but collaborates with the School of Computer and Security Science in the University.

Associate Professor Karen Murcia
Associate Professor Paul Newhouse
Professor Mark Hackling
Dr. Martin Masek

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