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Alice Springs - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) Strategic Plan and STEAM capacity building

This research will result in a situational analysis report that outlines the current state of STEAM education in the NT Schools South Directorate. Furthermore, the development of a vision and strategic plan will support the improvement of STEAM education through suggesting the factors for implementing successful and sustainable STEAM initiatives. The professional learning model will provide a plan for how STEAM education can be encouraged and implemented specifically within regional and remote schools, which often experience hardship due to isolation.

The situational analysis and subsequent planning for STEAM education in Schools South Directorate is to respond to the problem of isolation and its effect on education, particularly in the STEAM area. STEAM education is a key initiative of the Government, and this project aims to support this initiative to facilitate integrated cross-curriculum learning through STEAM to promote students’ educational outcomes through increased teacher professional learning and resource support. This support will take into consideration the issues of regional and remote schools, so that initiatives are suited to schools’ needs.

As the situational analysis aims to construct a model of the current practices of STEAM subject disciplines and cross-curriculum learning in the Schools South Directorate area, a qualitative approach is required to illuminate the practices occurring in each of the schools sites. This level of detail is important to achieving the overall picture of STEAM, and to develop a STEAM vision and professional learning models appropriate to the region, as required by the Schools South Directorate. At each stage of the research (prior to visiting and once the model is being developed), the participants and key stakeholders will be invited to undertake member checking processes to ensure the credibility of the final report and vision for STEAM.

Funding agency

Northern Territory Government Department of Education

Project duration

May 2016 – September 2016, and thereafter ongoing in Professional Learning support.


Professor David McKinnon
Associate Professor Geoffrey Lummis
Dr Julia Morris
Dr Michael Fitzgerald
Dr Susan Hill

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