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Case management and targeted intervention through the training and deployment of para-professionals in classrooms

The broad focus of this project was to develop case management skills in pre-service teachers as they worked with low achieving primary-aged students in literacy and numeracy. Trialled as a pilot project by the WA Department of Education (DoE), it explored an alternative approach to teacher education in the third and fourth years of training.

Both ECU and DoE were involved in supporting the pre-service teachers by providing literacy and numeracy professional development. DoE tracked the effect of the project on the progress of the school students, while ECU researchers evaluated the impact of the project on the pre-service teachers, including how it affected their teaching ability, level of confidence and perceived efficacy in teaching literacy and numeracy to low achieving students.

All stakeholders reported very positively in regards to the outcomes of the project. Pre-service teachers demonstrated highly developed readiness for teaching compared to their peers. School students showed the benefit of one-on-one or small group support, while teachers and administrators saw great benefit in the work of the pre-service teachers in supporting the outcomes of low achieving students.


Associate Professor Deslea Konza
Dr Leanne Fried
Ms Maureen Michael

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