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Kiara Literacy Development Project

This project involves collaboration between Edith Cowan University and Kiara College to offer training and support in the implementation of curricular materials and pedagogical practices designed to support students not achieving key reading milestones.

The aims of this project are two-fold. Firstly, to support teachers at Kiara College to implement the instructional material, Direct Instruction (DI) Reading Mastery that has been selected for use in this project based on research that identified this program as highly effective in improving the reading and comprehension skills of students at all levels.  Secondly, to provide professional learning and coaching support for teachers in all subject areas to use Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) pedagogy to teach subject specific reading and comprehension skills. The project will build on teachers’ current knowledge and skills and provide a rich professional learning experience for participating teachers. 

It is anticipated that the study will generate detailed information about the efficacy of the curricular material, Reading Mastery, used in the intervention with these secondary students. In addition, data will be collected to determine whether the professional learning program on EDI provided sufficient support to assist teachers in implementing this material.  

Funding agency

Edith Cowan University, partnered with Kiara College

Project duration

February, 2016 - July, 2017


Dr Susan Main
Associate Professor Deslea Konza
Dr Annamaria Paolino
Ms Anne Robinson (Kiara College)

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