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Principals as Literacy Leaders in South Australian Department of Education and Child Development Schools (SA DECD)

The second extension of the Principals as Literacy Leaders (PALL) project was implemented in 2011-2012 in 176 Department of Education and Child Development (DECD) schools in South Australia. Modules were developed and delivered by academics from Griffith University and Edith Cowan University, but also drew on material developed originally by the Australian Catholic University.

The major components of the PALL Project are:

  • Five professional learning modules.
  • Regional Leadership Co-ordinators (RLCs) to support school principals in leading a literacy intervention in their schools.
  • The Leading Literacy Learning Blueprint which guided the leadership of the project.
  • the Big Six framework which guided the literacy component of the project.
  • The Literacy Practices Guide which provides a structured way of looking at five dimensions of the teaching/learning environment as they relate to the teaching of reading
    • the classroom environment
    • student work
    • planning documentation
    • reading instruction
    • reading across the curriculum

The project was evaluated by examining a variety of data sources:

  • evaluations of the five professional learning modules;
  • principal discussions of their perceived growth in leadership capabilities and literacy knowledge;
  • pre- and post-surveys of principals’ literacy knowledge;
  • principal, teacher and Regional Leadership Coordinator Evaluation Questionnaires; and
  • school Intervention Evaluation reports.

Funding agency

South Australian Department of Education and Child Developmen

Project duration

2011 - 2013


Associate Professor Deslea Konza
Dr Leanne Fried
Dr Kevin McKennariey (Assisting Schools Education Consultancy

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