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Principals as Literacy Leaders - PALL PLUS

This project has been funded by a Public Education Endowment Trust grant, and is based on the Principals as Literacy Leaders (PALL) pilot project funded by the Commonwealth Government in 2009-10. The PALL pilot project was designed to assist primary principals to develop knowledge and skills to lead improved reading outcomes in their schools. It included the ongoing support of leadership mentors to support schools as they implemented a literacy intervention in the second year of the project.

The PALL Plus project incorporates several additional components:

  • Up to two additional school leaders from each school may participate to support sustainability of the project.
  • Each school also has the support of a Literacy Mentor, who visits throughout the duration of the project.
  • Additional professional development is included for the class teachers and Education Assistants involved in the literacy interventions planned as part of the PALL project in their schools.


  1. To develop further the capacity of primary principals and other school leaders to lead literacy learning in low SES schools.
  2. To build teacher knowledge of reading development and the pedagogy associated with effective instruction of students who do not acquire reading skills easily.
  3. To develop the capacity of Education Assistants to, under the direction of teachers, work intensively with small groups of students to support their beginning reading skills.
  4. To enhance the acquisition of basic reading skills in students who are at risk of not learning to read.

Funding agency

Public Education Endowment Trust

Project duration

2013 - 2015


Associate Professor Deslea Konza
Mr Paul Woodley
Dr Leanne Fried

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