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Engineering smart glass for buildings of the future

Monday, 23 May 2011


A collaboration between ECU's engineering researchers and the CSIRO is investigating how energy saving glass can make buildings both energy efficient and communication efficient.

Energy saving glass involves the application of a thin coating to window panes, reducing the amount of UV rays entering a building and keeping it cooler for longer. The reverse also works in winter, reducing the amount of heat that escapes.

This thin coating also reduces the transmission of radio frequency and microwave signals, which are commonly used by wifi, mobile, 3G and GPS-enabled devices.

Master of Engineering Science student, Irfan Ullah is investigating the design of 'spatial filters' within the coating to improve the transmission of signals through the glass, whilst still cutting UV rays.

"This is really a very interesting project and I hope to design a special energy saving glass that will also be communication efficient," Irfan said.

CSIRO ICT Centre post doctoral fellow and ECU adjunct senior lecturer Dr Ghaffer Kiani, has been collaborating with ECU on this project.

Head of the Centre for Communications Engineering Research, Professor Daryoush Habibi said the project is progressing very well and the collaboration with the CSIRO has been invaluable.

"We have made some advances in theoretical modelling and are now working towards experimental verifications," said Professor Habibi.


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