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Evaluation of Cybersmart Detectives game

The aim of the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s (ACMA) Cybersmart Detectives (CSD) activity is to teach children key Internet safety messages in a safe school environment. The activity brings together a number of agencies with an interest in promoting online safety for young people, including education, State and Federal Police, government and child welfare advocates.

This independent evaluation, conducted by the Child Health Promotion Research Centre (CHPRC) at Edith Cowan University, was designed to answer five key questions: 1) Investigate if the game’s key cyber-safety messages are identified by students; 2) Measure the short-term impact of CSD on student learning about cyber-safety; 3) Determine if students recognise the link between key cyber-safety messages and how these messages should be assimilated in their own behaviours/lives; 4) Examine the teacher’s role in reinforcing the key cyber-safety messages; and 5) Assess the value of the pre-game and post-game lessons in reinforcing the key cyber-safety messages.

The evaluation used a mixed methods approach, comprising stakeholder interviews, teacher interviews, quantitative student data collection and focus groups with students enabling the triangulation of results to support the implementation of the Cybersmart Detectives activity. In addition to the data collection and analyses described in the proposal, the CHPRC conducted supplementary analyses to explore students’ responses to poll questions (embedded within the Cybersmart Detectives activity) and qualitative transcripts comprising student and guide comments posed during game play.

Project duration


Funding body

Australian Communications and Media Authority

For further information about this project please contact Dr Laura Thomas at


Dr Julian Dooley
Professor Donna Cross
Associate Professor Stacey Waters
Dr Laura Thomas


Dr Laura Thomas
Ms Sarah Falconer
Ms Narelle Alderman

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