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International perceptions of stalking

This research sits within the law and justice agenda of the Sellenger Centre and aims to further our understanding of perceptions of stalking.

The research is currently being developed with Dr Lorraine Sheridan, a chartered forensic psychologist from the UK, who frequently advises the police and other agencies on stalking related issues.

This research adds to the existing body of knowledge by examining perceptions of stalking in Australia, the UK and the US. Research in these countries has shown that ex-partner stalkers present a greater threat to the personal safety of victims but are significantly less likely to be convicted for stalking behaviour than stranger stalkers. A possible explanation for the low conviction rates of ex-partner stalkers is that community perceptions do not match reality.

At present, international comparisons of perceptions of stalking are hindered by the use of different samples (UK and US research has predominantly used student samples) and stalking scenarios. As such, this research will enable the direct comparison of community perceptions of stalking across the three countries and the identification of any cultural differences.

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