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Dr Ann-Claire Larsen

Senior Lecturer

Contact Information Telephone: (61 8) 6304 5597, Mobile: 0409 119 091, Email:, Campus: Joondalup, Room: JO2.214A
Staff Member Details
Telephone: (61 8)  6304 5597  
Mobile: 0409 119 091  
Facsimile: (61 8)  6304 5894  
Campus: Joondalup  
Room: JO2.214A  


Dr Ann-Claire Larsen is a Senior Lecturer and Postgraduate Coordinator in the School of Law and Justice in the Faculty of Business and Law.


By appointment

Current teaching

  • International Human Rights
  • Law and Ethical Issues (Master of Public Health)


Dr Ann-Claire Larsen is a legal sociologist with a keen research interest in international human rights law. She began her legal studies after completing a PhD in sociology. She now teaches for the School of Law and Justice at Edith Cowan University, Western Australia.


  • Teaching (undergraduate and postgraduate students) and Research. 


  • LLB (UWA)
  • LLM Human Rights (Murd)
  • PhD Sociology (UWA)
  • BA

Professional associations

  • ECU Faculty of Business and Law Research and Higher Degrees Committee, Member
  • Forum on Public Policy Oxford Round Table, Editorial Advisory Board Member - (since 2010)
  • Journal of Politics & Law, Editorial Board Member - (since 2009)

Awards and recognition

  • 2014 and 2015 - The Faculty of Business & Law Dean’s award for postgraduate research supervision.
  • 2014 - The Faculty of Business & Law ‘Outstanding Supervisor Performance in your Faculty (Business and Law).
  • 2013 - Certificate of Excellence: Demonstrated Excellence in Higher Degree by Research Student Supervision for 2012 for the Faculty of Business and Law. Awarded by Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) ECU.


Research areas and interests

A broad range of criminology and legal reform topics including Indigenous human rights:

  • Judicial decision making;
  • Sex worker regulation;
  • Gender and Law; and
  • Human Rights.

Recent research grants

  • Dobson, P. (CI); Bahn, S.; Larsen, A.; Gengatharen, D. E.; Fulford, R. & Barratt-Pugh, L. (2012). ‘Encouraging Innovative PhD Research.’ Value $9760, Edith Cowan University, Faculty of Business & Law Strategic Research Grant.
  • Giles, M., Larsen, A. & Smith, T. (2012 - 2013). 'Skill shortages in the WA resources sector'. Value $9,500. Faculty of Business and Law Strategic Research Funding.
  • Larsen, A. with Milnes, P. (2011). ‘The effects of incarceration on Indigenous people of the Wongatha lands in the eastern goldfields of Western Australia: Indigenous leaders’ perspectives’ ECU grant $4,336.
  • Larsen, A. (2006). Telehealth, e-health and e-medicine in Western Australia: legal and ethical issues associated with e-communication technologies in a community-based health service. $16,453.
  • Black, A., Duff J., & Larsen, A. (2002-3). The Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage-Projects APA(I): ‘Country practices: analysing factors affecting the wellbeing of general practitioners and their families in rural and remote Western Australia’, $67,635 over three years with the Great Southern Division of General Practice, Completed 2006.
  • Larsen, A. & Froyland, I. (2003). ‘Prison Services: Public perceptions of services for women prisoners’ ECU New Researcher Grant $4,691.

Research supervision

Dr Larsen currently supervises nine PhD students. Topics:

  • Ageism and Sexism in the Criminal Justice System
  • Exploring young men’s and women’s perceptions and experiences of the mainstreaming of sex and pornography in contemporary culture
  • Gender and poverty in Kenya
  • Sex Trafficking in Jordan
  • Facebook and Social Needs
  • Punitiveness in Western Australia and Victoria
  • Community Perceptions of Youth Crime in Western Australia
  • Local government, Oversight and Regulation
  • How has the Australian Government responded to the threat of terrorism? (Associate supervisor – across Universities)

Recent publications

Book chapters

  • Larsen, A. (2016). Forthcoming. Interview with Assistant Commissioner Dominic Stalteri. In Interviews with Police Around the World, Taylor and Francis Group LLC.
  • Reid Boyd, E. & A. Larsen (2014) Still Hidden Behind the Picket Fence: Stay-at-Home Mothers in Australia. In Stay-at-Home Mothers: Dialogues and Debates, Elizabeth Reid Boyd and Gayle Letherby (Eds) Bradford: Demeter Press.
  • Larsen, A. (2014). Interview with Magistrate Benn, Regional Magistrate, Kalgoorlie-Boulder. In Trends in the Judiciary Interviews with Judges Across the Globe, Volume One, Dilip Das, Cliff Roberson, Michael M. Berlin (Eds) Boca Raton: CRC Press Taylor and Francis Group LLC.
  • Larsen, A. (2014-5). Forthcoming Interview with Assistant Commissioner Dominic Stalteri. In Interviews with Police Around the World, Taylor and Francis Group LLC.
  • Larsen, A. (2012). ‘Interview with Mr Robert Jennings from the Western Australia Corrective Services’ Book Chapter in Singer, J. K., D.K. Das and E.A. Ahlin (Eds), Trends in Corrections: Interviews with Corrections Leaders Around the World, London: CRC Press Taylor and Francis Group. 
  • Larsen, A. with Giles, M., Tram Le, A. , Allen, M., Lees, C. & Bennett, L. (2007). ‘The role of education and training in prison to work transitions’ in Susan Dawe (Ed). In ‘Vocational education and training for adult prisoners and offenders in Australia: Research readings’ . Published by the Australian Government, NCVER.  ISBN: 978 1 921170 81 2 print; 978 1 921170 87 4 web. 

Journal articles

  • Standing, C., Jackson, D., Suseno, Y., Larsen, A., Fulford, R., Gengatharen, D. (2016). ‘Enhancing individual innovation in organisations: A review of the literature’. International Journal of Innovation and Learning, 19 (1), 44-62.
  • Larsen, A. and Crowley, M. (2015). ‘Government as usual: politics and law as structural couples governing counter-terrorism in Australia’. Griffith Law Review 24(4).
  • Giles, M., Larsen, A. and Whale, J. (2015). Carving out employment futures for Aboriginal ex-prisoners in the resource sector. Australian Bulletin of Labour 41 (1) 1-18.
  • Larsen, A. (2015) ‘Seeing children’s suffering: feminist legal methods, sentencing decisions and incarcerating mothers who offend’. Outskirts. May Vol. 32.
  • Larsen, A. (2012). ‘Gendering criminal law: sentencing a mothering person with dependent children to a term of imprisonment’. Australian Journal of Gender and Law. Vol. 1.
  • Larsen, A. (2012). ‘Trappings of Technology: casting palliative care nursing as legal relations’ Nursing Inquiry, 19(4) 334–344.
  • Larsen, A. (2012). Disembodied knowledge: law’s incapacity to provide justice for prostitutes in Western Australia. Outskirts Online Journal. May Vol. 26.
  • Larsen, A., & Crowley, M. (2012). Virtue Ethics: analysing emotions in a police interview with a crime suspect. Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice. 6(3) 291-300.
  • Larsen, A., & Milnes, P. (2011). ‘A Cautionary Note: therapeutic jurisprudence for Aboriginal offenders’. eLaw Journal: Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law (2011) 18(1) 1-27.
  • Crowley, M. & A. Larsen (2010). ‘Morality and Police Conduct: a way forward for ethical policing’. Forum on Public Policy Vol 5, 1-17.
  • Guggisberg, M., A. Larsen, C. Fisher, K. Spilsbury, R. Zilkens, & J. Semmens (2010). ‘Danger Signs: Ethnicity, relationship status and lethal threats associated with intimate partner violence’. Australian Journal of Gender and Law. Vol 1, 1-18.
  • Larsen, A. with Marika Guggisberg (2009). ‘Police Officers, Women and Interpersonal Violence: giving primacy to social context’, Australian Journal of Gender and Law. Vol 1, 1-18.
  • Larsen A. (2008). ‘Punishment and rehabilitation in women’s prisons: views from the Western Australian Public’ to Sister-in-Law Journal. Vol 1, 14-36.
  • Larsen, A. (2005). ‘In the public interest: autonomy and resistance to methods of standardising nurses’ advice and practices from a health call centre in Perth, Western Australia ‘ Nursing Inquiry 12: 135-143.
  • Larsen, A. (2004). ‘Mobilising international human rights norms to reduce violence against Australian indigenous women: a way ahead’. Australian Journal of Human Rights Vol 10(2) 195-218.
  • Larsen, A. (2002). ‘Towards eliminating child labour: the power of the law’ Mots Pluriels 22, September
  • Tonts, M. and A. Larsen (2002). ‘Rural disadvantage in Australia: a human rights perspective’ Geography, 87(2), 132-141.
  • Larsen, A. and A. Petersen (2001). ‘Rethinking responses to ‘domestic violence’ in Australian Indigenous communities’ The Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law 23(2): 1-14.
  • Larsen, A. (1999). 'Governing families with young children through discipline', Journal of Sociology, Nov., 35, No. 3: 279-296. 

Conference papers

  • Dobson, P., Fulford, R., Barratt-Pugh, L., Bahn, S., Gengatharen, D. & Larsen, A. (2012). ‘Eureka Moments In Research: Exploring Abductive Processes Using Four Case Examples’, ACIS 2012.
  • Larsen, A., V. Branson & P. Milnes (2012). ‘Loss of Nearness: Computer-mediated Communications in Community Palliative Care Nursing’ presented at 5th Biennial Conference of the Academy of World Business, Marketing and Management Development Budapest 18 July 2012. Refereed conference paper.
  • Tucker, B. & Larsen. A. (2012). ‘Accountability: a ruling on a model police oversight agency’ presented by A. Larsen at The 21st Annual Meeting (2012) August  International Police Executive Symposium United Nations New York. 
  • Larsen, A. (2011). Disembodied knowledge: Law’s incapacity to provide justice for prostitutes in Western Australia. Embodied Knowledges: an interdisciplinary symposium, Edith Cowan University, Mt Lawley.
  • Larsen, A. & Crowley, M. (2011). Crossing the line in police interrogations’ at a Policing symposium, Sweden. 
  • Larsen, A. with Crowley, M. (2010).‘Judicial Discretion: endorsing improper and unethical conduct by police’ Oxford Round Table on Ethical Sentiments March 2010. 
  • Larsen, A. with Guggisberg, M. (2009). ‘Examining female victim-dissatisfaction with police responses in the context of intimate partner violence’ Nov 2009. 21st Annual conference of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology (ANZSOC) Perth November 2009.
  • Larsen, A. with Manville, J. (2009). ‘The business of sex work: an attempt to regulate prostitution in Western Australia (2007-2008)’ Nov 2009. 21st Annual conference of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology (ANZSOC) Perth, November 2009.
  • Larsen, A. (2008). Mobilising United Nations’ principles to promote Restorative Justice: a attempt to restore justice following improper conduct by police in Western Australia Paper presented at the ‘Building restorative justice in Europe. Cooperation between the public, policy makers, practitioners and researchers’ conference in 17-19 April 2008, Verona, Italy.
  • Larsen, A. with L. Gabelich (2007). ‘Ethics Training at the WA Police Academy: The Right Way to Teach the Right Thing to Do’ paper presented at the Australian Association for Professional and Applied Ethics at RMIT, Melbourne, June 2007. Refereed conference paper published Nov 2007.
  • Larsen, A. (2006). presented a paper entitled 'In the public interest: Autonomy and Resistance to Methods of Standardising Nurses' Advice and Practices from a Health Call Centre in Perth, Western Australia’. The Australian Sociological Association Conference held at UWA in December 2006.
  • Larsen, A. presented a paper with Julie Manville 'Human Rights or Protection: The West Australian Prostitution Control Bill 2002'. The Australian Sociological Association Conference held at UWA in December 2006.
  • Larsen A. (2005). ‘Mobilising international human rights norms to reduce violence against Australian indigenous women: a way ahead’. ANZSOC Wellington NZ 9th-11th Feb. (2005).
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