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Pre-practicum preparation

At ECU, we have a duty of care to our students and our partners whom are allied to the health disciplines of our University. The process of you completing your pre-practicum preparation and providing your paperwork to the clinical placement coordinator, provides evidence of ECU discharging its duty of care to students, when we place students into health working environments for the purpose of learning and assessment.

What is Pre-Practicum Preparation for Medical and Health Science Students?

ECU intends it to be a process by which any student who anticipates working with clients/patients, in any health care and/or education  setting, for the full duration of the undergraduate or postgraduate program, addressing the risks that they face and are faced with, in the practicum environment.

We encourage you to read all information provided on this site about ECU's pre-practicum preparation for health disciplines.

Once enrolled, you will be informed at one of your first lectures of the exact safety requirements of your discipline and the process will be explained in further detail.

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