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We require all students to be appropriately immunised against the tuberculosis disease for clinical practice placement.

Evidence of immunity

You are required to provide evidence of immunity from Tuberculosis for clinical practice. Either Quantiferon Tb Gold (blood test) or Mantoux (skin test) may be used in screening for past exposure to TB.

Quantiferon testing

A blood test is available for Tuberculosis screening. This test is called Quantiferon. Quantiferon offers an acceptable option to the Mantoux test. Quantiferon, in contrast to Mantoux testing, requires only a single visit to a pathology collection centre. The cost of a Quantiferon whole-blood test is comparable to that of a Mantoux test. And can be performed at the same time as other blood tests undertaken to confirm immunity to infectious diseases.

Quantiferon testing is only available with a pathology request form from your GP at the major collection centre’s of Western Diagnostic, Clinipath and St John of God Pathology.

This test is also available at the ECU Student Health Service.

Mantoux test

A Mantoux test can be performed by:

  • CliniPath in West Perth; and
  • Western Diagnostic in Myaree, Mounts Bay Road and Joondalup.

Ask the Doctor you are consulting for a pathology form for the centre convenient for you.

There are 2 stages of the test:

  • application of the test dose; and
  • reading of results 2-3 days later

Exemption from Mantoux

There are medical indications why a Mantoux test should not be performed. If you consider you should not have a Mantoux test, please discuss this with your GP or Student Health Services.

If you are unable to have a Mantoux test, a chest x-ray accompanied by a written report from a GP, stating the film is clear, will be accepted as evidence.

Mantoux testing should not be undertaken within four weeks of any vaccinations with a live virus e.g. MMR, Varicella, Yellow Fever.

If you are not immune

A positive Quantiferon Tb Gold or Mantoux test usually requires further medical assessment and a certificate indicating fitness to practice. If there is any doubt with your results, you must make an appointment to see your doctor to discuss this.The outcome will need to be discussed with the nominated person in your school.

For more information about Tuberculosis, see our disease types web page.

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