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To avoid misinterpretation, we have provided a list of commonly used terms and their intended meaning for the ECU pre-practicum preparation.


Is another word that may be used to describe vaccination.


Often used interchangeably for the word vaccination but it means that the vaccination you received has caused your immune system to build an appropriate response to the disease you were vaccinated against.


Protection from getting a disease because of natural resistance, acquired resistance after catching the disease, or resistance conferred by a program of vaccination.

Pathology centre

A site where you can take the serology (blood) test request form to have a health professional take a sample of blood from you. You will need your Medicare card +/- payment.

International Students will require cash and/or Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)/Medibank card.


A blood test to measure the level of immune response that the vaccine or previous exposure to the illness caused. For many diseases there is a level that has to be achieved in order that you are considered protected against that disease.


Used interchangeably for the word immunisation, a vaccination is the vaccine that is given to you either as an injection or orally to build immunity to the disease you were vaccinated against.

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