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Is there a synergistic ototoxic effect of noise and welding fume?

The Occupational Health team of Dr Martyn Cross and Associate Professor Sue Reed are investigating the relationship between noise exposure and welding fumes to determine if welding fumes could be implicated as a ototoxin.

It has been suggested in the literature that inhalation exposure to a range of airborne contaminants may have a synergistic (multiple) effect on hearing when combined with exposure to high levels of noise. This project is investigating if there is a link between the exposure to various concentrations of welding fume and various levels on noise exposure in the workplace, and determine if there are any impacts on temporary loss that may if not controlled, progress to permanent hearing loss.  Finally the outcomes of the project will look at making recommendations on methods of controlling any excessive exposures to noise and welding fumes.


Dr Martyn Cross
Associate Professor Sue Reed

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