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Treating Alcohol and Drugs in Primary Care (TADPole)

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The Systems and Intervention Research Centre for Health (SIRCH) brings together scientists and clinicians to promote better health, improve early disease detection and enhance intervention using appropriate workforce education and systems.

SIRCH is a trans-disciplinary research group committed to inter-professional learning.

The objectives of the Centre are:

  • Facilitate the translation of research and policy to enhance healthcare practice;
  • Increase pure and applied research outputs from the diverse range of researchers in the Centre.
  • Improving the quality and sustainability of the workforce;
  • Apply innovative education initiatives.

Project team

  • Professor Moira Sim
  • Dr Eric Khong
  • Ms Toni Wain
  • Mr Corin Garnett-Law
  • Ms Ngaire Powell

Expert technical advisors

The Expert Advisory Group consists of alcohol and drug and mental health clinicians and community organisations involved in supporting clients. The Expert Technical Advisory Group provide expert clinical input into the educational resources and in some cases, assist in the delivery of education.

(In alphabetical order)

  • Dr Nigel Armstrong, Community Psychiatrist
  • Dr Colleen Bradford, WA General Practice Education and Training
  • Dr Stephen Bright, Edith Cowan University
  • Melanie Chatfield, WA Primary Health Alliance
  • Stacey Child, Mental Health Commission
  • Dr Michael Christmass, Mental Health Commission
  • Angela Corry, WA Substance Users’ Association
  • Dr John Edwards, General Practitioner
  • Frank Farmer, HepatitisWA
  • Greg Gordon, Mental Health Commission
  • Dr Simon Hazeldine, Fiona Stanley Hospital
  • Dr Gary Hulse, University of WA
  • Dr Sue Jackson, WA Primary Health Alliance
  • Sue Jones, Mental Health Commission
  • Richard O’Regan, Mental Health Commission
  • Etza Peers, Alcohol and Drug nurse consultant
  • Dr Danny Rock, WA Primary Health Alliance
  • Sally Rowell, Hepatitis WA
  • Jill Rundle, WA Network of Alcohol and Drug Agencies
  • Dr Sharon Vasey, General Practitioner
  • Dr Ioana Vlad, Poisons Information Centre
  • Rosemary Winsor, WA Practice Nurses Association

WA Primary Health AlliancePrimary Health Network: Perth North, Perth South, Country WA

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