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Seminars Series 2006

Friday, 01 December 2006

Seminar series organised in 2006:

  • Dr Daniel Galvao – Centre Postdoctoral Research Fellow

    Physical and Cognitive Exercise in Older Adults: Effects on Physical Function, Body Composition, and Biological Markers for Alzheimer’s Disease
    Presentation: 15 December 2006
  • Dr Mira Rimajova – Centre Postdoctoral Research Fellow

    Multidimensional Approach to enhanced Diagnostics in Alzheimer’s Disease
    Presentation: 24 November 2006.
  • Professor Rob Newton and Professor Ralph Martins

    Lifestyle for Prevention and Management of Alzheimer's Disease
    Presentation: 23 November 2006
  • Dr Renate Zilkens – Centre Postdoctoral Research Fellow

    Population based estimates of the utilisation of health care services and health outcomes in people with Alzheimer’s disease living in Western Australia
    Presentation: 27 October 2006
  • Dr Kevin Barnham - Dept of Pathology, University of Melbourne
Dr Barnham is an internationally recognised leading researcher into drug development for Alzheimer’s disease and the biology of neurodegenerative diseases.

    Mechanisms of Abeta Toxicity – Defining Targets for Therapeutic Intervention
    Presentation: 9 October 2006
  • Associate Professor Laszlo Orban - Principal Investigator, Reproductive Genomics, Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory (An Affiliate of the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University) 

    Transgenic zebrafish: Current status and potential applicability as a model for Alzheimer's disease.

    Presentation: 3 October 2006.
  •  Dr Matthew Sharman – Centre Postdoctoral Research Fellow

    Investigating Beta Amyloid Clearance in vivo
    Presentation: 29 September 2006.


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