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The effect of developmental genes, such as PAX3, on development of Melanoma

PAX3 is a key gene involved in migration, specification, proliferation and differentiation of the neural crest cells that produce the melanocyte or pigment producing cells of our skin. Melanomas are thought to arise in these cells and therefore the role of PAX3 in melanoma and the pathways associated with melanoma spread – migration and proliferation – are important for our understanding of melanoma metastasis. Interestingly, UV exposure is known to increase PAX3 expression in melanocyte cells of adult skin.

PhD student, Sandra Medic has investigated the role of PAX3 on cell proliferation, migration and differentiation in melanocyte cells relative to melanoma cells. Her research has been published in several high impact journals and has been presented at international, national and local conferences. 


Associate Professor Mel Ziman
Ms Sandra Medic

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