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2010 National AMSA Conference

Sunday, 04 July 2010

Four Centre for Marine Ecosystems Management members, post-doctoral fellows Kathryn, Britta, Adriana and Masters student Candace attended the last Australian Marine Sciences Association-AMSA 2010 conference in Wollongong, NSW in early July. The theme of the conference was ‘New Waves in Marine Science’ including key notes from Ian Poiner and Brendan Brooke on biodiversity, Chris Langdon on ocean acidification and Graeme Inglis on marine invasibility. Both Kathryn and Candace presented their recent research on ecosystem scale processors of seagrass wrack dynamics, Britta on the role of mesograzers in compensating the effects of eutrophication in seagrass meadows and Adriana on macroalgal herbivory in coral reefs. All presentations were well received with interesting and positive feedback.

On a fun note, during the AMSA conference dinner there was a deciding arm wrestle between Arnold Dekker (from the Netherlands) and Adriana, as they considered that the whole octopus story wasn't sufficiently scientific. The objective was to predict the outcome of the final world cup game, and Adriana won (with a little bit of help from conference convenor Andy Davis). As everyone now knows, Spain is now world champion, so the arm wrestle successfully predicted the outcome the event.


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