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World Seagrass Conference

Monday, 13 December 2010

  • World Seagrass Conference group

    World Seagrass Conference group

A large cohort of Centre members attended the World Seagrass Conference in Thailand from the 21-25th November 2010, and all presented oral or poster presentations. Glenn, Paul, Kathryn and Candace all presented different aspects on the ecology of wrack (kelp and seagrass) including the generation, accumulation and degradation, and the significance as a trophic subsidy in recipient habitats. Britta presented her research on the top-down bottom –up control processors in seagrasses ecosystems, looking at the role of amphipod grazing to control algal epiphytes under nutrient enrichment, whilst Gary presented on temporal aspects of seagrass responses to grazing. Finally Rozaimi presented his work conducted in Malaysia on the useful morphological characters to distinguish a number of Halophila seagrass species. It was a fantastic opportunity to catch up with other researchers around the world working on seagrasses, and to be exposed to the recent research directions. Kathryn lead one of the wrap-up discussions on resolving uncertainties in the taxonomy of seagrass species.


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