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Industry Grant - Indicators of nutrient pollution on reef ecosystems

Wednesday, 09 February 2011

  • Reef ecosystem

    Reef ecosystem

Britta, Paul and Kathryn and their collaborator Joanne Wann (Department of Defence) have obtaining funding from the Commonwealth Department of Defence and the ECU-Industry Collaborative Scheme, to develop indicators of sewage-derived nutrient impacts on reefs.

The research will be conducted during 2011 and aims to determine whether discharging sewage to land-based infiltration ponds, and its subsequent movement to the ocean through groundwater, negatively affects near-shore reefs. Reefs are among the nation’s most valuable resources, economically and environmentally, yet clear indicators of impacts that can be applied in rigorous management frameworks are lacking. Macroalgal characteristics will be characterized at reefs to identify the presence and effects of sewage. The research will identify potential early-warning indicators of sewage impacts, filling a gap that currently hinders industry in developing monitoring and management frameworks. For more information, contact Britta ( or Paul (


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