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Monitoring strategies for Australian pit lakes and connected waters

Monitoring strategies for Australian pit lakes and connected waters

Strategic management of pit lakes as a regional resource and/or liability requires a data collection programme to advise management processes such as environmental and human health and safety. Development of a monitoring and management strategy for pit lakes and connected waters would be made through a review of the various international best practice guidelines.

This study has begun with a literature review of pit lake water quality monitoring strategies. In particular, parameters identified from reviewing existing pit lake datasets and known to be important to pit lake management and eventual modelling will be a focus of a proposed monitoring strategy. A cost effective and achievable monitoring strategy will be developed, incorporating international best practice and parameters chosen to fill data gaps will be clearly identified. Details of sampling regimes recommended for each selected parameter will be presented. Frequency and timing of sampling will be discussed and recommended.


Dr Lu Zhao
Dr Clint McCullough

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