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At the Centre for Marine Ecosystems Research (CMER) we use applied and fundamental research to improve our understanding of the ecological processes of coastal marine systems, and how these respond to both natural and human induced pressures.

Research themes

The centre conducts research across the themes of:

  • habitat connectivity and trophic interactions;
  • management of human impacts;
  • conservation and fisheries biology; and
  • stress disturbance ecology.

Research in these themes encompasses a wide range of reef and seagrass ecosystems, from tropical to temperate environments.

News & events

A Posidonia australis seagrass bank, with super-imposed profile of human metal pollution at different depths (= ages) in the seagrass sediment. The largest increase in metal pollution occurred in the last 100 years. Thumbnail

Seagrasses reveal the history of human contamination in estuaries

Within the latest publication by CMER researchers they reconstruct the contamination history of Oyster Harbour using the sediments of a Posidonia australis meadow as an archive.

Professor Thomas Schlacher from the University of the Sunshine Coast joins CMER as a visiting academic until December 2015. Thumbnail

CMER welcomes visiting academic

Marine scientist Professor Thomas Schlacher will be joining the Centre until December 2015.

Dr Megan Huggett will lead the WA component of a national research project investigating marine microbes. Thumbnail

Oceans’ tiniest inhabitants make a big difference

They produce half the world’s oxygen and help offset climate change but there’s a huge amount we don’t know about these tiny, mysterious creatures. But a new ECU project hopes to change that.

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