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Dr Thibaut de Bettignies

Dr Thibaut de Bettignies


  • 2013: Ph.D, Edith Cowan University
  • 2007: M.Sc. Oceanography and Marine Environment, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France
  • 2005: B.Sc. Biology of Marine Organisms, Université de Rennes 1, France
  • 2004: B.Sc. Cellular Biology and Molecular Physiology, Université de Montréal, Canada

Other qualifications

  • Current: DAN Oxygen provider, Senior First Aid
  • 2009: Restricted Coxswain, boating time ~ 700h
  • 2009: Rescue Diver, PADI, 400 dives
  • 2005: CMAS** (diving certificate)
  • 2005: Scientific-diving degree in subtidal marine ecology (n=30 dives)

Professional Memberships

  • Western Australian Marine Science Institution
  • Australian Marine Science Association (committee member)
  • Australasian Society for Phycology and Aquatic Botany
  • Marine Biological Association of the UK
  • Collaboration with ANNIMS's project (Australian National Network in Marine Science)

Awards and Recognition

  • Bursary winner at the International Temperate Reefs Symposium 2011 MBA (Marine Biological Association of the UK) bursary competition,, Plymouth (July 2011), UK.
  • Best student presentation at the Australasian Society for Phycology and Aquatic Botany Conference, ASPAB (November 2010), Rottnest Island.
  • AMSA-WA Student Travel Award to AMSA 2009 national conference in Adelaide. 


Research Interests

Stress and disturbance ecology, Trophic connectivity

Current Research Areas

The aim of this research is to determine the processes that supply seaweed wrack from reefs. This research is looking at the role of storms on this export and the relative importance of two major pathways of transfer of organic matter, dislodgment of whole thalli and erosion of kelp tissue. 

Recent Publications

Refereed Journal Articles

  • de Bettignies T, Wernberg T, Lavery PS, Vanderklift MA, Gunson JR, Symonds G & Collier N (submitted) Decoupling of kelp dislodgement from wave forcing promotes equilibrium in kelp forest.
  • de Bettignies T, Wernberg T, Lavery PS, Vanderklift MA & Mohring M (2013) Contrasting mechanisms of dislodgement and erosion contribute to production of kelp detritus. Limnology and Oceanography, 58 (5): 1680-1688.
  • de Bettignies T, Wernberg T & Lavery PS (2013) Size, not morphology, determines hydrodynamic performance of a kelp during peak flow. Marine Biology, 160 (4): 843-851.
  • Wernberg T, Smale DA, Tuya F, Thomsen MS, Langlois T, de Bettignies T, Bennett S & Rousseaux CS (2013) An extreme climatic event alters marine ecosystem structure in a global biodiversity hotspot. Nature Climate Change, 3 (1): 78-82.
  • de Bettignies T, Thomsen MS & Wernberg T (2012) Wounded kelps: patterns and susceptibility to breakage. Aquatic Biology, 17: 223-233.
  • Thomsen MS, de Bettignies T, Wernberg T, Holmer M & Debeuf B (2012) Harmful algae are not harmful to everyone. Harmful Algae 16: 74-80.
  • Hégaret H, da Silva PM, Wikfors GH, Lambert C, de Bettignies T, Shumway SE and Soudant P (2007) Hemocyte responses of Manila clams, R. philippinarum, with varying parasite, Perkinsus olseni, severity to toxic-algal exposures. Aquatic Toxicology, 84 (4): 469-479.

Conference Papers

  • de BettigniesT, Wernberg T, Lavery PS, Vanderklift MA, Symonds G & Gunson J (2012) An equilibrium hypothesis of kelp dislodgement and wave disturbance redefines the model of kelp forest dynamic. Annual UNESCO IOC Perth / IMarEST Western Australian Marine Studies Awards, October 2012, Fremantle.
  • Wernberg T, de Bettignies T, Mohring M & Benett S (2011) Continental-scale pattern of ecological processes in kelp beds. Third Annual ANNIMS Conference 2011, December 2011, UWA, Perth
  • de Bettignies T, Wernberg T, Lavery PS & Vanderklift MA (2011) Spatial subsidies provided by organic matter export from kelp forests: importance of storm-driven pulses verses chronic export. Third Annual ANNIMS Conference 2011, December 2011, UWA, Perth. International Temperate Reef Symposium 2011, June 2011, Plymouth, UK.
  • de Bettignies T, Wernberg T, Lavery PS & Vanderklift MA (2010).The importance of storms in driving export of organic matter (kelp wrack) from rocky reefs. ASPAB 2010, November 2010, Rottnest Island, Western Australia. WAMSI Young Career Researchers Symposium, November 2010, ECU, Joondalup.
  • de Bettignies T, Godefroy J, Wernberg T & Vanderklift M (2010). Changes in growth, erosion, productivity and morphology of Ecklonia radiata along a hydrodynamic gradient. ASPAB 2010, November 2010, Rottnest Island.
  • Vanderklift MA, Babcock R, Bearham D, de Bettignies T, Kendrick G & Wernberg T (2010) A single species, the kelp Ecklonia radiata, is disproportionately important in coastal marine ecosystems. ASPAB 2010, November 2010, Rottnest Island.
  • de Bettignies T, Wernberg T, Lavery PS & Vanderklift M (2009) Sources and supply of wrack: quantifying vectors of habitat connectivity. 46th Australian Marine Sciences Association annual conference in Adelaide (2009), 11th Annual Royal Society of WA Postgraduate Symposium, Curtin Univeristy (2009), 7th AMSA-WA student workshop, Rottnest Island (2009).
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