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Wrack subsidising surf-zone regions

Algae and seagrass become dislodged from reefs and seagrass meadows and are transported into other habitats, such as the surf-zone region along the extensive beaches on the lower west coast of Australia, where these macrophytes can form wracks of weed. This research project aims to examine the importance of various components of the wrack (red algae, brown algae and seagrass) as habitat and food for the amphipod Allorchestes compressa and for fish in the surf zone, and therefore determine which type(s) of material in the wrack play a significant role in subsidising the surf-zone environment.


Associate Professor Glenn Hyndes
Karen Crawley
United States Environmental Protection Agency, Suzanne Ayvazian
CSIRO, Dr Mat Vanderklift 
CSIRO, Andy Revill
CSIRO, Peter Nichols

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