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Early intervention and action: Developing a simulation learning module to empower clinical educators

The aim of this study is to undertake a detailed literature review, examining the issue of nursing clinical supervisors managing difficult students in the clinical setting. Following this an on-line survey will be developed and distributed to a representative sample of clinical supervisors across 3 national and 1 international university to gain further information on the experiences of Clinical Supervisors in assessing and providing feedback to students in the clinical setting. This will provide a snapshot of present practices producing a bench line of clinical supervision knowledge and skills and allow the researchers to complete a needs analysis for future intervention. Next, clinical Supervisors will be invited to opt in for the third stage - face to face interviews to explore narratives about their experiences in managing unsafe or challenging student behaviours in the clinical setting. The final aspect during this stage involves narrative reconstructions, producing a series of scenarios and learning objects for educating clinical supervisors using immersive simulation techniques. The long term aim of this study is develop more prepared nursing clinical faculty, using simulation. The study will be accomplished in 4 distinct phases.


Associate Professor Christopher Churchouse
University of Woolongong, Associate Professor Patrea Anderson
University of Washington State, Assistant Professor Suzan Kardong-Edgre
Sunshine Coast University, Professor Margaret McAllister

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