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The impact of adding nursing support workers (Assistants in Nursing) to patient, nurse and system (ward) level outcomes

Nurses are critical to improving patient outcomes. However, there is a worldwide nursing shortage. One strategy is to add nursing support workers to hospital staffing. This research will determine the impact of adding nursing support workers on patient outcomes (morbidity, mortality, quality of emotional care); staff outcomes (job satisfaction, intention to remain in the job); and the work environment (time spent in patient care, relationships with medical staff, staff experiences, leadership and support of workers). The findings will provide an evidence base for policy makers and hospital executives to improve nurse staffing in a cost effective manner for patients and staff.


University of Technology Sydney, Professor Christine Duffield
Professor Di Twigg
Associate Professor Anne Williams
University of Technology Sydney, Dr Michael Roche
Department of Health, WA, Adjunct Associate Professor Catherine Stoddart
Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Adjunct Associate Professor Sue Davis
University of Toronto, Professor Sean Clarke

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