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Implementing simulated standardised patients into undergraduate nursing to enhance student learning, assessment and feedback mechanisms

By developing learning opportunities with standardised patients taking on the various roles, students are able to expand their learning in a safe and controlled environment where they are able to develop competency in all areas, not just the technical skill.

The funding was used to implement a pilot program for the implementation, validation and development of an evaluation and assessment tool that can be used to enhance the knowledge of best practice care and support for patients consistently while expanding the knowledge base relating to the use of standardised patients (SP) within nursing education.


The implementation of this program has exceeded the expected outcomes of this pilot project.

Develop a SP program for undergraduate nurses focusing on assessment of communication skills for nursing students

This was successfully achieved with the development of guidelines for developing SP programs. This includes orientation, risk management, education and facilitation of SP volunteering for the program

Develop and trial an evaluation tool for SP to provide feedback to student following interaction

The tool developed and trialled for this program was successful with both students and SP evaluation demonstrating its value to learning. Students identified that the information provided in assessment was valuable and supported their learning in a "real world" situation.

Evaluate the extent to which undertaking a program with SP impacts upon learning objectives and outcomes

The outcomes as evaluated by students exceeded the expectations of the project team. 100% of students undertaking this pilot program have indicated that this assessment model has supported their learning and enabled them to link their learned knowledge with practical application.

Develop and trial an evaluation tool to measure students satisfaction with the use of SP

Evaluation has identified this SP program to have been a positive learning environment that reflected "real world" health care and supported their learning well.


Associate Professor Christopher Churchouse 
Professor Cobie Rudd
Pam McCrorie
Ms Melanie Lauva

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