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At the School of Psychology and Social Science, we have a passion for finding better ways to educate and train students in the academic disciplines and professions of psychology and social sciences.

The disciplines within the school are all highly focused on measurement and analysis; we are proud of our research culture that is embedded in all of our courses and expressed in the staff research enterprise. We are committed to providing students with knowledge of how humans think, function and behave in a multitude of settings, and the various factors that can impact on normal function.

Our undergraduate programs in psychology are designed to train people to think like a psychologist, and our postgraduate programs in psychology train graduates to become psychologists. The Bachelor of Social Sciences offers grounding in community work and the ability to choose from a range of specialisations. You will learn about the world you live in, how to work in that world and change things for the better. You can choose from Children and Family Studies, Community Studies, Counselling, or Youth Work. The School of Psychology and Social Science also has close links with the profession of psychology, and the professions of welfare and community work. The School also has excellent links with community and government agencies.

Students can also study to become practicing speech pathologists working with children and adults who have communication and/or swallowing disorders. The Bachelor of Speech Pathology course involves topics such as linguistics, psychology, and speech science, applying these to both the science and the social impact of communication and swallowing disorders. Conditions such as stuttering, delayed language development, communication problems after stroke and developmental disability are covered within the course and students learn about the most recent evidence-based practice in the treatment of these. In order to ensure clinical competency, students are assured of a wide variety of clinical practicum placements in hospital and community settings in both metropolitan and rural areas. Academic staff on this course are internationally recognised leaders in their fields of research as well as having extensive clinical experience.

Our approach to teaching, and the curricula of our courses are guided by the Australian Psychological Society, the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council, the Australian Institute of Welfare and Community Works Inc. and students who complete a Major in Children and Family Studies receive Accreditation under the Community Services (Child Care) legislation to work as trained staff in Child Care. 

Some of the school’s postgraduate programs involve industry practica, including one practicum in our own clinic (the ECU Psychological Services Centre) for psychology postgraduates.

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