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Evaluation of the City of Stirling: CaLD youth sport and leisure project

The City of Stirling Cultural and Linguistically Diverse (CaLD) Youth Sport, Recreation and Leisure Project is a three-year funded project (September 2006–2009), to develop links between main sport and recreation organisations, clubs and facilities in the City of Stirling and young people from CaLD backgrounds.

The purpose of the final evaluation of the City of Stirling CaLD Project will be to document the extent to which the project has achieved its intended outcomes, to document barriers to the achievement of outcomes and to document whether, and how, barriers to achievement of outcomes have been overcome.

This project has been developed in partnership between the City of Stirling, the Department of Sport and Recreation, and the Office of Multicultural Interests, with major funding by the Department of Sport and Recreation.

The City of Stirling Project was developed as an issue of low participation rates of young people from CaLD backgrounds in organised sport, recreation and leisure activities was identified. The project aims to increase participation in sport, recreation and leisure and the utilisation of main clubs and facilities for young people aged 16 to 21 years of age from CaLD backgrounds.

Implicit in the rationale for this project, are aims to improve integration of newly arrived migrants from emergent communities and to confront racism. The objectives of the project are to:

  • increase the participation rates of members of the target groups in sport, physical activity and leisure;
  • increase the utilisation of facilities by target group members;
  • increase the number of sporting club memberships by target group members; and
  • establish partnerships between the City of Stirling sport, recreation and leisure providers and peak ethnic groups.

Summary of findings

The evaluation found that the project has progressed towards its stated objectives. There is convincing evidence to suggest that as a result of the project there is an increase in participation of the target group in sport, recreation and leisure.

The project has begun to develop links with mainstream sport and recreation clubs through the Brokerage System that has increased the membership of young people from CaLD backgrounds. The project has developed extensive partnerships with the City of Stirling, sport, recreation and leisure providers and peak ethnic groups as well as providers and groups outside of the City of Stirling. There is evidence that some local sport and recreation service providers have adopted inclusive practices in their service delivery. These practices have been encouraged by the SPO and supported by the Brokerage System. However, many clubs within the City of Stirling require further assistance to develop CaLD inclusive practices.


Associate Professor Trudi Cooper
Dr Susanne Bahn
Dr Peter Hancock

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