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Spatial Distribution Modelling for the Western Ground Parrot (Pezoporus flaviventris)

The Western Ground Parrot (Pezoporus flaviventris) was only recently shown to be a genetically distinct species. This shift in taxonomic status instantly rendered it one of Australia’s rarest birds. Less than 140 individuals are now thought to exist, with the majority of this population confined to Cape Arid National Park. Recent monitoring activity suggests that its numbers have declined alarmingly in recent years. This species in currently classified as critically endangered both nationally, and within Western Australia.


In conjunction with, and under the guidance of, nominated DPaW staff, undertake a scoping exercise to:

  1. Investigate the links between historic and predicted climate change impacts and its effects on the Western Ground Parrot. This exercise would use multiple species distribution modelling tools, namely MaxEnt, the Biomod2 ensemble modelling application, and, where appropriate, statistical analysis, to quantify the impact of a range of independent/predictive variables in determining the potential distribution this species.
  2. Demonstrate how predicted changes in these independent variables may influence the potential distribution of the Western Ground Parrot in the future.
  3. Commence the identification of associated indicator species, ecological assemblages and conservation priorities to which the tools, data and methodologies developed through this project can be applied.
  4. Identify ongoing research requirements and priorities.

Funding agency

South West Catchment Council

Project duration

2016 – 2017


Dr Shaun Molloy (ECU)
DPaW staff
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