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Spatial Modelling the Northern Quoll (Dasyurus hallucatus) in the Pilbara: Informing the Management of a Unique and Isolated Population of an Endangered and Iconic Species

This project will develop tools and methodologies in order to inform the development and delivery of management actions and the mitigation of threatening activities. This process will develop new and innovative tools, data bases and methodologies which will enable planners and conservation managers  to:

  1. Identify which landscape attributes (predictive variables) define Northern Quoll habitat and the degree to which attribute contributes to that habitat value.
  2. Quantify the Northern Quoll habitat value of any nominated landscape or site.
  3. Develop predictive tools which will quantify how impacts such as proposed mining activities, cane toad invasion and climate change will affect nominated sites and preferred habitats, and quantifiably demonstrate the results of management actions.

Through these outputs this project will enable conservation managers to, in a desktop environment, identify and prioritise conservation zones and management actions and to test the efficacy of those decisions. It will also enable potential habitats to be identified and, through the application of habitat  parameters, their habitat value to be quantified and improved.

Funding agency

Western Australian Department of Parks and Wildlife

Project duration

12 months 0.5


Dr Shaun Molloy
Dr Robert Davis
Dr Eddie van Etten
Department of Parks and Wildlife, Ms Judy Dunlop

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