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Reports released on research into seagrass responses to dredging in northwest Australia

Thursday, 06 April 2017


The Centre for Marine Ecosystems Research (CMER) scientist Dr Kathryn McMahon directed a team of researchers from The University Western Australia, Department of Parks and Wildlife WA and The University of Adelaide in the investigation of primary producer responses to dredging related pressures. The projects now completed are part of the Western Australian Marine Science Institution (WAMSI) Dredging Science Node with a focus on developing our knowledge in a field largely overlooked. The first project identified five dredging related stressors and knowledge gaps in three key areas; the second reviewed the thresholds and indicators of response to dredging related pressure; and the third prompted ground-breaking research using patterns of genetic diversity of seagrass to understand adaptability, resistance, and recovery to human pressures. Results will lead to better management and increased awareness of the impacts of dredging on these critical habitats.

The reports can be viewed on the WAMSI website Dredging Science Node


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