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Agricultural and rural industries are significant contributors to the Australian and world economies. Improving the sustainability and productivity of the rural industries is vital, given the predicted increases in global population, reductions in the availability of land suitable for agricultural production, the need to respond to the effects of climate change and to ensure food security.

The Western Australian agriculture industry is export-orientated and is the largest producer of wheat grain in Australia. Farmers face environmental challenges including periods of drought, water limiting environments, soil salinity and herbicide resistance.

The Australian agriculture industry is innovative and, where possible, applies the latest technologies to improve agricultural production. In addition there is a vibrant research community. Participants are drawn from government agencies, farmer groups, private consultants and industry organizations. All contribute to the development of new agricultural products and the extension of best practice techniques to improve agriculture sustainability.

The eAgriculture Research Group will contribute to research into the sustainability and productivity of agriculture industries by utilising leading edge information and communication technologies, for example data mining and expert systems, wireless sensor networks and mobile computing.

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