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The use of ICT to improve the delivery of agricultural information to farmers

This research addresses the information gap between researchers and farmers and implements software systems to ensure greater productivity by farmers in Thailand. This has multiple challenges with language, skills and resources of farmers, while transferring knowledge using eAgriculture tools.

International agriculture differs from Australian agriculture in the size and scale in which a single farm is capable of producing food. The ability of Australia and Thailand to develop information services, based on the lessons learnt from growing crops, and ensuring that this information is used by Thai growers forms the basis of this project.

Many Thai farmers are illiterate and poor. They have used traditional ICT tools such as television, radio and VCD for receiving information in which they are interested, including entertainment. Using advanced ICT tools may be difficult for them because of expense and low ICT skill levels. Information dissemination via mobile phone services will be an alternative to enhance their knowledge in farming. Research also suggests that the delivery of up-to-date information, particularly the latest grain market prices, is critical to profitability by Thailand farmers.

Much of this project will assist in developing the infrastructure and the ability to enable nominated communities to receive up-to-date information.


Ms Khumphicha Tantisantisom
Dr Leisa Armstrong
Dr Judy Clayden
Dr Niwat Martwanna, Khon Kaen University, Thailand

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