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Control Systems: Cyber Security Training Course

Thursday, 12 May 2016



Over a five day period you will be trained in advanced techniques to penetrate and defend control systems networks and infrastructure. This training is designed to meet the needs of security professionals in today's high threat environment. We are firm believers that you cannot properly defend a system until you have first learnt how it is compromised. To illustrate this point, you will perform network reconnaissance, develop your own code based exploits, and be provided with opportunities to conduct social engineering attacks against networks.

After experiencing an attacker's perspective this is followed by hands on sessions using countermeasures to prevent such attacks from disrupting normal network operations. Methods include writing firewall and intrusion detection system rules, implementing honeypots and packet analysis. Tools such
as Metasploit, the Social Engineering Toolkit (SET), and Backtrack 5 (amongst others) will be used for the hands on training exercises.

At the conclusion of your training you will complete a full day "red vs blue" training exercise in which you will battle to defend or compromise your opponent's network. The configurations here are modelled on real world situations, with real world equipment. You will need to implement everything you have learned throughout the training if you are to succeed. There are no limits in this scenario, physical, network and social attacks are all fair game.

There will be a full debrief session after the red vs blue team exercise. This will also provide a good opportunity to discuss some important issues such as the ethics, legalities and reporting requirements of the types of activities that all participants will have undertaken during the previous four days.

Attendees should have at least basic skills in IT and some knowledge or experience with Industrial Control Systems networks (including software and components), some basic programming skills, and at least a basic understanding of computer networks (for example, the difference between TCP and UDP and MAC and IP addresses).

Our team

You will learn from the experience of a team of security professionals, with over five decades of experience between them. The team have all undergone training from the US Department of Homeland security, spoken at numerous conferences (including Blackhat, Defcon and Ruxcon) and are recognised leaders in their field. The training takes place at world class purpose built facilities at the Edith Cowan University Joondalup Campus. Training can be tailored to cater to different levels of participant knowledge.

Over the five days you will be trained in:

  • Reconnaissance and fingerprinting networks;
  • Exploitation and attack;
  • Social engineering
  • Exploit development;
  • Network defence skills (Firewall, IDS, honeypots);
  • Physical security;
  • Reporting
; and
  • Ethics and the law.

Participants will also receive a current cyber security 
threat briefing from CERT Australia, the national computer emergency response team, and learn about how the government can assist during a serious cyber incident, such as an incident affecting a control system.

Control Systems: Cyber Security Training Course
The Control Systems: Cyber Security Training Course will be offered on the following dates:

  • 20 - 24  February  2017  FULL

Cost: $4,000 per person
Location: ECU Joondalup Campus, 270 Joondalup Drive, Joondalup WA 6027
Includes: Five days training (including materials), morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner on Thursday night.

For further information contact Emma Burke on (08) 6304 5176 or at register your attendance, apply online now.


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