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The Physical Security Professional: Mapping a Body of Knowledge

Tuesday, 28 June 2016


The ECU Security Research Institute invites interested members of the public to attend a Special Interest Group (SIG) Seminar.

Date: Thursday 21 July 2016
Time: 9am seminar / 10am light refreshments and networking
Venue: Joondalup Campus, Building 21, Room 202
Speaker: Michael Coole
RSVP: to Please RSVP for catering purposes.

The Physical Security Professional: Mapping a Body of Knowledge

Many new professions are emerging across contemporary society and as part of this societal transformation, debate on the professional status of higher strata security personnel is intensifying. This debate is steered by the notion of the modern day security professional along with their claim of specialised occupational skill. However, modern day professionals exert expertise in a specific jurisdictional field. Within the broad security domain, one specialised practising area is physical security, however limited articulation exists supporting its specialised standing, and knowledge basis, including structure and competence requisites. This study  undertook a cultural domain analysis to articulate a desirable physical security professionals’ knowledge system, isolating fundamental units and knowledge structure to articulate educational requisites.

Findings demonstrate that a physical security body of knowledge comprises a matrix of task related knowledge categories. Such knowledge is broad and range from understanding the contextual threats, to planning accordant with security theories and principles, then requisite engineering knowledge of treatment components which is braced by professional enabling knowledge. Such knowledge has a hierarchical structure, organised based on the professional tasks of diagnosing the security problem, inference to reach the optimal resolution among many, and finally, treatment. Both the content along with its structure informs physical security education and professional competence.

Speaker details

Michael has over 25 years’ experience in security, law enforcement and emergency management operations through both government service and private consultancy.  Michael’s domain area is physical security with a salient research focus towards critical infrastructure protection, security decay theory, and mapping physical security’s body of knowledge


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