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The cybola epidemic - the Australian healthcare sector's unpreparedness for a cyber incident

Tuesday, 07 March 2017


The CyBola Epidemic -  The Australian healthcare sector's unpreparedness for a cyber incident

The objective of this talk is to create awareness of the cyber security vulnerabilities that exist within the Australian healthcare sector. These include the increasing trend in medical device hacking, below par standards and the general unpreparedness of the healthcare sector in combatting cyber incidents, all culminating in the threat to patient privacy and safety, and in some cases, even patient life.

In Australia in 2016 there were 263 reported data breaches within the healthcare sector as compared to 118 within financial institutions, signifying that the Australian healthcare sector is one of the most targeted when it comes to cyber attacks. Cyber criminals do not behave ethically by very definition, and will not hesitate to target the weak and vulnerable. Some of the incidents reported have included malicious activity toward implantable medical devices and medical infrastructure and the illegal obtainment of patient data. In the absence of adequate funding, training, awareness, standards, and government regulatory department guidelines, cyber security incidents in the healthcare sector will continue to rise.

Dr Chaudhry will discuss the above issues in more detail and propose solutions for the healthcare sector in order to mitigate these ever increasing risks. 

Speaker: Dr Junaid Chaudhry

Dr Junaid Chaudhry’s career has so far led him on a journey through academia, law enforcement and industry. Now a Post Doctoral researcher with the Security Research Institute at Edith Cowan University, Junaid is currently focussed on researching context aware security in medical informatics while also having an interest in digital forensics, network security, and  interdisciplinary research in cyber security.

Past roles have seen Junaid lead security researchers at Duja Inc and hold positions at the University of Amsterdam, Qatar University, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, University of Hail, University of Trento, and University of South Pacific. He has also worked with Al-Jazeera, State of Qatar, Qatar Foundation, and FBK-Italy as consultant.

Junaid has undertaken training and education with various entities, being,  the Harvard Business School in Teaching with CASE methods, the University of Amsterdam in University Teachers Qualifications (BKO), the University of Technology, Malaysia in Careers Education and Development, and from ISC MOI(Q) in Malware Analysis, PMP, and CEH. He is also trained in embedded gateway development, mobile applications development, and data visualization by ETRI.

Various memberships include the Australian Information Security Association (AISA), High Technology Crime Investigation Association, Senior Member of IEEE, the Pakistan Society of Criminology; and certified professional status with the Australian Computing Society.

With over 50 published papers, authorship of 3 international books, 2 patents, and 15 technical reports, Junaid frequently volunteers in organising conferences, reviewing research reports for scientific journals, editing special issues, and community outreach programs.  

Event details: 

  • Edith Cowan University, 270 Joondalup Drive, Joondalup WA 6027
  • Joondalup Campus – Building 21, Room 202
  • 8.30am -9.30am Seminar presentation
  • 9.30am - 10am Light refreshments and networking 

Register via Eventbrite on:

https://eventbrite_the cybola epidemic the australian healthcare sectors unpreparedness for a cyber incident-ticket


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