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Smart grid

This project will investigate vulnerabilities of the impending smart electricity grids through a rigorous examination of smart grid enabled technology such as meters and controllers that will be deployed within these grids. These grids when fully interconnected will form a network larger than the Internet. The grids will be constructed of smart meters that connect to appliances which in turn the meters can be used to control, monitor and use electricity supply.

This networking will make these grids an identifiable vector for cyber attack that would have physical manifestations and downstream effects as a result of these attacks being successful. The resultant outcome of these attacks could be denial of service in the form of compromise or complete failure of the power grid as a result of compromise of the actual smart grid appliances.

This research addresses both the Research Priority 2 by enhancing cyber security and Emerging Threat Research Priority 4 - by securing energy supplies. The research is aimed at investigation and documentation of vulnerability by interrogation and testing of the grid devices and their interconnects. The key outputs will be reports and testing outcomes.


Professor Craig Valli
Dr Andrew Woodward
Mr Peter Hannay

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