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Disaster victim identification

A radio frequency identification (RFID) tag used to record information and identify victims of disasters, removing the need for paper-based recording and preventing data loss due to environmental degradation. In disaster situations, forensic pathologists traditionally examine each body or body part and record findings on paper.

The disaster victim identification system (DVIS) provides a solution that is resistant to environmental degradation, can store several megabytes of data (scene photos, x-ray images, test results, etc) and does not require line of sight to be read. This allows authenticated people access to the information without being present at the data site, through phone or wireless networks.

Both pathologists and forensic staff will benefit from improved access to data and the ability to add and modify the notes stored on the tag wirelessly. Emergency services worldwide would benefit from improved data access and integrity.


Professor Craig Valli
Dr Andrew Woodward
Dr Christopher Bolan
Mr Reno Karvinen
Mr Christopher Holme

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